Partners of the 1st International Conference «Promoting Mental Health of Children and Adolescents»
January 19-20, 2018, Almaty, Kazakhstan

«Bilim Foundation» Public Foundation

"Bilim Foundation" Public Foundation is a cohesive team of like-minded psychologists, doctors, educators, analysts, sociologists and programmers striving to improve the child-rearing system in the educational sphere.

The Foundation was founded in 2016, now it works successfully with national and foreign companies, funds, governmental and non-governmental organizations using unique technologies and building a long-term strategic partnership.

The mission of the Foundation is to form, preserve and raise a healthy young generation of Kazakhstan possessing spiritual values, worthy of the XXI century and capable of self-development in the future.

The purpose of the Foundation is creation and development of life skills and strengthening the mental health of growing up schoolchildren.

Objectives of the Foundation:

  • to promote the implementation of the state policy in the field of education;
  • to reveal and strive to develop the potential of each adolescent in maintaining and supporting own mental health;
  • to organize a qualitatively new approach in the formation of versatile life skills and abilities of schoolchildren;
  • to create conditions for attracting experts and scientists of the international community to conduct research in the areas of improving the mental health system and life skills;
  • to consolidate experts in education, health and other interested organizations for joint coordinated work on the prevention of suicide among adolescents;
  • to ensure further professional development of education and health professionals to prevent suicide among children taking into account science and practice achievements;
  • to use the key features of modern technological environment and relevant information communications to improve the effective adaptation of own projects in the context of global competition in the field of knowledge;
  • to discover in each adolescent the emotional intellect of the future mentally healthy and harmoniously developed personality.

The Foundation is the cooperation of schoolchildren, their parents, psychologists, sociologists, teachers and scientists; it is a unique communication environment that helps to master the ability of being open-minded and receptive to the best achievements, which is the basis for the evolutionary development of underage children.

The Foundation works to ensure that the young rising generation of Kazakhstan embarks on the path of a new spiritual development, since our Program "Health and Life Skills, and Prevention of Adolescent Suicide" helps thousands of adolescents find themselves; understand what is happening in their own family, in their country, in the big world, and on the planet; determine the values ​​in their life and stay positive about the world.