Professor Marco Sarchiapone Italy

Associate Professor at the University of Molise (Italy); conducted research in the field of suicidology for more than 20 years, utilizing an interdisciplinary perspective, ranging from biological aspects to social and psychological correlates; Chairman of the Section on Suicidology and Suicide Prevention of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA); General Secretary of the Section on Suicidology of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA); Italian representative at the WHO/Euro Network for Suicide Prevention; former Deputy Coordinator of SEYLE (Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe) and WE-STAY (Working in Europe to Stop Truancy Among Youth), two research projects on the prevention of suicidal and other risk behaviours in adolescence, funded through the EU 7th Framework Programme; one of the promoters of SUPREME (Suicide Prevention by Internet and Media Based Mental Health Promotion), funded by the European Agency for Health and Consumers; Site Leader on the European project, Monitoring Suicide in Europe (MONSUE); in Italy, responsible for a large research project on psychological and genetic factors associated with violence and self-harm behavior in prisoners; former President of the 13th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour.